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Thank You for considering Yolo Eco Clean Co-op as your cleaning service provider. We specialize in excellent 

service using environmentally responsible products and practices.

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YECC provides cleaning services for homes, offices, and businesses throughout Yolo County and neighboring communities.  We offer a range of cleaning related services.

Standard Cleaning

  • We will thoroughly clean all rooms in the house—including kitchens and bathrooms

  • A standard cleaning includes changing bed sheets (just leave the clean sheets on the bed for us to use)

  • Kitchen cleaning includes the stove-top, surface cleaning and wiping down the surface of appliances

  • We will clean sliding glass doors that are in direct view of the main living quarters

Additional Services

  • Deep Clean

  • Dishwashing

  • Oven/Stove cleaning

  • Refrigerator cleaning

  • Ceiling fans and other high, hard to reach fixtures and surfaces

  • Patio, decks,  and other outside areas that are immediately adjacent to the home

  • Room straightening or organizing (yes, this includes children’s toys!)

  • Windows (outside only at one level)

  • Ask us about other services!


Your home will look amazing and you will feel good knowing that only safe, natural products were used in the cleaning.


Our commercial cleaning services offer trusted, thorough cleaning using all natural, environmentally friendly products.  We use plant-based natural essences with disinfecting and insect repellent properties to assure the best quality cleaning.  We will structure a contract to meet your needs.

Showcase- Open House, Art Opening, Business Special Occasions

You can feel confident that any space you want to present will be shown in its best light because it will look and feel clean (and without fake perfumes!)

Move-Ins and Move-Outs

Do you need to clean a home or apartment for new residents?  Need to prepare your own home or apartment for a move? Contact us - we provide thorough, excellent cleaning services for single family homes and apartments.

Gift Certificates


A thoughtful gift is one that lifts some of the burdens of everyday life. Think of how appreciated a gift of cleaning services will be to NEW PARENTS or those COPING WITH ILLNESS or LIFE TRANSITIONS.

Cleaning services will be a great gift to show appreciation, to help someone special, to commemorate a special occasion, or for no reason at all!


You can purchase a certificate using the “Buy Now” button. Gift certificates are structured as cleaning hours, we suggest starting at $100.


If you have questions, want to sponsor a regular cleaning, or would prefer to purchase the certificate in another way, please contact us at (530) 231-5334 or yoloecocleancoop@gmail.

New Client Discount

Take advantage of $10 off your first cleaning with this COUPON

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