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About Us

Thank You for considering Yolo Eco-Clean Co-op as your cleaning service provider! We specialize in excellent service using environmentally responsible products and practices.


YECC provides cleaning services for homes, offices and businesses throughout Yolo County and neighboring communities.  We offer a range of cleaning related services.


Our business features “health” from the inside out.  We use only natural cleaning products that are effective yet kind to the environment, people and pets.  Many traditional cleaning products contain toxins that contribute to asthma, skin irritations and a range of other general ailments that worsen with prolonged exposure. Our products are gentle and pure—kind for our planet and everyone in it!





Our business model is also healthful, as a worker-owned cooperative we are proud to make business decisions democratically.  Since we co-own the business, we have a special stake in making sure that our work is high quality and that we respond to client’s needs!


We strive to give you the best cleaning job your home, office, or business has ever had.  


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