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"The women did a super job.  I don't think our house has ever been this clean!"

— Susan Padgett

"The floors and everything is spotless.  It was nice to have eco-friendly cleaning agents. When my roommates and I clean the house we notice that we get a headache — none this time!"

— Yuma Sakakura

“I was impressed with the level of thoroughness, they cleaned more than I expected. They got out calcium and other stains in sinks and the bathtub that we have never been able to get out.  My husband had been trying to clean them since we moved in and he was amazed that they were gone!"

— Tiffany Yost

"They did a very thorough job and checked back with me to see if there were other things that I would like cleaned."

— Anonymous

Yolo Eco-Clean Cooperative

Why Green?

Yolo Eco-Clean Co-op is committed to using natural, non-toxic cleaning products because they are kind to clients, children, pets, workers, and the environment!

About Us

YECC provides cleaning services for homes, offices and businesses throughout Yolo County and neighboring communities.  We are a worker cooperative, which means workers own and democratically control the business.

Our Services

Yolo Eco-Clean Co-op strives to give you the best cleaning job your home, office, or business has ever had!  We are also Insured and Bonded! All services use green products and practices.

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